Islamic Financial Planner – Perkongsian Rinna Yusof

Ini adalah perkongsian Rinna Yusof melalui FB peribadi beliau bertarikh April 5, 2018.


Islamic Financial Planning (IFP) is one of the segments in Islamic Finance. However, it is not as glamourous as Islamic Banking or Islamic Capital Market or Takaful. It is rather a new segment, established somewhere in 2002. It is a financial advisory service provided to individuals. It actually encompasses all the segments in Islamic Finance.

The pioneer in this industry in Malaysia is Hijrah Wealth Managers. They introduced a certificate programme called Islamic Financial Planning Certificate (IFPC) back in the year 2002, or might be earlier. (Puan Hajjah Rohani Shahir or Haji Mahdzir Md Isa please confirm this).

IFPC was taught in Akademi Pengajian Islam UM and known as Sijil Perancangan Kewangan Islam. Participants came from diverse background – young graduates, business owners, financial consultants, pensioners, housewives – who had only one vision – to learn to manage their money the Islamic way. IFPC was also extended to banks and unit trust management companise, who sent their unit trust consultants. It was also offered to individuals holding Certified Financial Planners (CFP), as an extension of knowledge to those aspires to capture the Muslim market.

In 2008, IBFIM established Islamic Financial Planner certification programme (IFP) , in collaboration with Financial Planning Association Malaysia (FPAM).

During the same year, MFPC also introduced Shariah Registered Financial Planners (Shariah RFP).

In the year 2012, Perwarisan, an NGO, established another programme – Perunding Kewangan Shariah (PKS).

To date, there are many batches of certificate holders produced by all these programmes, and they are serving the Islamic Finance industry as consultants in unit trust, takaful and wasiat. As mentioned above, the Islamic Financial Planning equipped the service providers from all the three segments of Islamic Finance industry – Banking, Capital Market and Takafaul.

These qualifications – IFP and Shariah RFP – are recognised by BNM and Securities Commission for the application of license to become Financial Advisors/ Financial Planners. As at to date, there are 31 financial planning firms in Malaysia who engaged these certificate holders as their representatives.

This Tuesday, 10 April, 2018, there will be an International Conference on Islamic Wealth Management and Financial Planning organised by MFPC. On 23 July, 2018, FPAM will organize 2018 Financial Planning Symposium. Both will take place at Securities Commission Malaysia. See you there!


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