Anda Di Isytihar ‘Bankrupt’, Boleh Ke Ambil Insurans / Takaful?

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera.

Pernah dulu pada awal karier saya sebagai ejen, ada seorang lelaki berjumpa dengan saya dan tanya – sebagai seorang bankrupt, boleh ke tidak mengambil polisi?

Dulu memang saya ‘blur’. Tapi jawapannya – tidak boleh.

Sila baca ini:

#1. A bankruptcy must not own a policy / certificate. Any application for insurance should be proposed under someone with insurable interest (i.e. wife, Sdn Bhd company)

TSCR 100,000 & below, requirement : NIL

TSCR above 100,000, requirement : to obtain bankruptcy petition or court paper to justify on the proposed coverage.

#2. There is no limit to the sum covered proposed for the application. Generally, sum covered proposed should not exceed amount stated in the bankruptcy petition or court paper.

#3. Contribution payment must not be from the bankruptcy. Hence should payment mode is via credit card / autodebit, to check source of account (CCS/Autodebit form). However, if client opt to pay via cash/cheque, to give benefit of doubt.

#4. Case need to refer to internal Compliance Manager if amount proposed is RM1,000,000 and above.

#5. If person covered declared that he has cleared all debts and would want to propose under his own self, to obtain:

i) Order of discharge from High Court, OR

ii) Certificate of discharge from bankruptcy by Director General of Insolvency, Malaysia


Boleh faham?

Memberi untuk menerima.

Adib Yazid


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